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Resources and Training

Europrivacy provides a whole set of resources to support compliance with data protection regulations, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Documents and links

Some documents and links are accessible to the public. However, many documents and resources are made available through our dedicated online community website. It encompasses international, European, and national data protection regulations related resources to support compliance. Our list of resources is regularly updated. Access to the list of documents is available on the Europrivacy resources and community website.

Reference Tools

Europrivacy provides access to a set of reference tools, such as:

  • Privacy Pact enabling companies to contractually commit and communicate their commitment to protecting personal data, including data processors contractual obligations
  • Self-assessment tool enabling companies to assess and document the compliance of their data processing with the GDPR and the Europrivacy certification criteria

Europrivacy Online Academy and Training Courses

Europrivacy online academy provides access to a whole set of tutorials and training courses to master data protection certification. Access and register to our Europrivacy Online Academy.

Registry of Qualified Experts

Our registry enables qualified experts to be registered and made accessible to our community of consulting firms and certification bodies. Access and register to our registry of qualified experts.


Our news section provides public information on Europrivacy activities. Access our News.

Europrivacy Flash Alerts

Europrivacy is maintained by its International Board of Experts to adapt to regulatory and jurisprudence changes, as well as to ensure continuous enhancement of the certification scheme. Every time a change is identified that may impact the conformity of the data processing with the GDPR and the Europrivacy criteria, an Europrivacy Flash Alert is sent to the partners and companies that have joined the Europrivacy Community Website.

Online Support Service

Europrivacy Partners and Certification Bodies have access to remote and online support, including coaching, through an online support service. The support service is provided by legal experts in data protection and senior experts in certification, and is accessible through the Europrivacy Community Website.

Europrivacy Registry of Certificates

Europrivacy Registry of Certificates is managed by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP). The registry enables to check and validate the authenticity of Europrivacy certificates. Access the Europrivacy public registry of certificates.