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Identify and Reduce Legal and Financial Risks

through audit and gap analysis

Demonstrate and Value Compliance

through GDPR certification

Build Trust and Confidence

through compliance monitoring

The European Data Protection Seal

Europrivacy has been approved by EDPB as European Data Protection Seal to assess and certify the compliance of all sorts of data processing under the GDPR and complementary national data protection regulations. It enables applicants to identify and reduce their risks, to demonstrate and value their compliance, and to enhance their reputation and market access. It is the only GDPR certification officially recognized in all EU Member States. 

Developed through the European Research Programme Horizon 2020, it is continuously updated by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) in Luxembourg and its International Board of Experts in data protection. It is licensed to qualified certification bodies and consulting firms committed to protect personal data.

12 Good Reasons to Choose Europrivacy

GDPR European Data Protection Seal

officially recognized in all EU Member States (art. 42 GDPR)

Continuously updated

to align with the evolution of regulations and jurisprudence


to complementary national and domain specific obligations


to emerging technologies

Highly reliable

with systematic assessments

Time and cost-efficient

thanks to its innovative methodology

ISO compliant

and easily combinable with ISO 27001

Comprehensive and applicable

to almost any data processing activities

Independent and managed

by an International Board of Experts

Online resources

tools and support

Global ecosystem

of qualified partners and experts

Research and Innovation



Document and validate your Compliance

with the Europrivacy criteria and the support of our Welcome Pack, qualified partners, and tools to reduce your risks.

Certify and value

the compliance of your data processing with an impartial certification body.

Maintain and Enjoy

your compliance thanks to our community platform with regulatory updates, tools, and good practices.

Your Smart Journey to Certification

You select priority data processing activities. You document their compliance and certify them once they are ready. Feel free to request a free offer from our official partners. Our Welcome Pack gives you access to a whole set of resources, including our Online Academy and our Community and Ressources Platform that provides all the documentation to apply Europrivacy. You can also use our online GDPR Estimator to assess how much you can save with a GDPR certification.

Our Highly Qualified Partners

Europrivacy is supported by an ecosystem of highly qualified partners, including law firms, consulting firms and certification bodies. Thanks to their global presence, our partners are near you and can help you prepare, assess and certify the compliance of your data processing activities.

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Europrivacy Resources and Community


Privacy Pact enables companies to communicate their commitment to personal data protection and data subjects’ rights. It also enables companies located outside of the EU to voluntarily and contractually abide to respect the GDPR obligations.

A Reliable Certification Scheme

Europrivacy is delivered by qualified Certification Bodies gathering adequate legal and technical expertise. The certification is aligned with the applicable ISO/IEC 17065 and 17021-1 principles. It combines various methodologies, such as documentation review, sampling analysis, technical tests, inspections, and interviews. Delivered certificates can be checked on our public Europrivacy Registry, enhanced with Blockchain technology.

Europrivacy has been developed thanks to several European research projects, including Privacy Flag, ANASTACIA and Synchronicity, supported by the European Commission and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Advantages of Europrivacy


Free Offers

Sequenced Process

with the possibility to stop at any stage

Enhanced Methodology

enabling systematic and cost-efficient assessment

Combinable with ISO Certifications

such as ISO/IEC 27001

Extensible to Complementary non-EU National Regulations

Extendable to Domain Specific Requirements

Legal and Financial Risks Mitigations


Highly Comprehensive

for data processing in products, services, and information management systems

Developed by Top European Experts in Data Protection

Continuous Improvement and Actualisation Process

with regular revisions of the certification scheme

Systematic Training and Evaluation of Auditors

Maintained by an International Board of Experts

in data protection law, certification and cybersecurity

Extendable to National Obligations

Covering Emerging Technologies

such as data analytics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc.

Combining Expertise

in data protection law, cybersecurity and certification


Adopted by World Leaders in Certification

Aligned with ISO Requirements

Specified in close cooperation with Data Protection Authorities

Developed through the European Research Programme

co-funded by the European Commission and Switzerland

Supported by Qualified Consulting and Law Firms

Blockchain-enhanced Certificates Registry

Compliance Assessment Tool

to prepare the certification

More about Europrivacy